Home Show, Alumni, and Community day... what more could we want?

This past weekend, after countless hours of rehearsal, during our new guy’s FIRST HELL WEEK (WOOOOO!), We kicked off our year with lots of performing, and of course, lots of partying with alums. First off, we are happy to say that our new guys survived hell week and they are still bright-eyed bushy-tailed new guys, eager to conquer the world of a cappella. Our weekend started off with our first big home show of the year in Goddard Chapel, our homecoming show. First of all we want to thank everyone who came! In spite of the pouring rain, both shows were packed. Fortunately, the chapel stayed just under 1,000,000 degrees for the whole night (although barely).  We are also happy to say that the future of Tufts a cappella is looking bright. Both the Amalgamates and the Jills sounded awesome at both shows, and we are super excited to perform with them throughout the year.

As for us, the show offered us our first big opportunity to reveal some new themes for the year. We were happy to show off our new color scheme, courtesy of Ethan Wise (B’15). We also got to show off some of our new tunes for the year, including some top 40 selections, a middle school anthem, a new group tune, and an 80’s girl power classic. Speaking of girl power, we also got to premier our awesome new theme for the year. GIRL POWER (but not actually). But maybe…we’ll see what happens with that one. Some other highlights included some new dance moves, and, of course, our new guys attempting to be funny with the 2012-2013 NEW GUY SKIT!  They were almost funny. Give them another year or two—they might catch on.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the weekend, however, was the first major alumni event of the 50th year of the Tufts Beelzebubs! We had a great showing of alums at the homecoming show and had the pleasure of hanging out with them afterward. We would like to make a personal shout out to Dave Pratt (B’84) who, on Friday night, proved to everyone that our alums know how to have a good time. Saturday afternoon we performed again in the Coolidge Room in Ballou Hall for a big crowd of our alums while we all enjoyed lots of delicious food. It is always very humbling for us to perform in front of alums, but with this year being the 50th year, the performance was that much more special.

After countless hours of singing throughout the past week, we all woke up on Sunday morning, looking fabulous as ever, to perform for Community Day. Despite the rain, we successfully made our own fun in the form of decorating mini pumpkins and, of course, drinking apple cider. Somehow, singing Signed, Sealed, Delivered and Cecilia for groups of kids and their parents just never gets old. Once again, thanks so much to everyone who came out and saw us this weekend, we hope you enjoyed it and we have lots more in store for the year. GET PUMPED!

Tom “Mojo/Praying Francis/Tom Lapkin” Lavin B’15