The Bubs Get Scrubby at Squam

Winter break was fraught with adventure for most of us. Ethan went to the Dominican Republic, Lukas went to California, and Tom trekked all the way to the moon and back. However, none of these exciting journeys even held a candle to the quest upon which we all embarked together, during the last eleven days of our reprieve from academia. Nay, no escapade, however wild, could ever compare to the glory that is the time we spent on the frigid shores of Squam Lake in good ol' New Hampshire, recording what will ultimately be a treasure worth more than any sum of gold or precious stones. Dear readers, the time has come again for the world to begin its anticipatory quivering over the release of THE NEXT ALBUM (cue epic musical flourish)! 

We laughed, we sang, we cried (a lot, actually), and we had the great good fortune to see a number of illustrious alumni grace our studio space. For you, dear readers, we have compiled a collection of images we believe best represent our time spent, arduously working toward our album's future release. Also, Alex cooked us dinner in a toga. Enjoy.