Audition for the bubs

Thanks for your interest in auditioning for the Bubs!

Auditions are Tuesday the 5th and Wednesday the 6th of September, with callbacks on the 7th. They will take place in Curtis Hall (474 Boston Avenue Medford, MA 02155). Please be there 5-10 mins early for your audition, when you get there there'll be a sign on the door and a form to fill out - you can just wait downstairs until someone comes to bring you up.

Questions about auditioning? Just email

Click here to fill out a form and schedule an audition.


I'm Joel, the music director of the Bubs. It can be crazy how much information is thrown at you when you first get to Tufts... especially if you want audition for a cappella. I remember going through the audition process my freshman year, and it can be stressful. This is a little Q&A to help you out!

Should I Audition?

Yes! For real, it's a fun experience. You'll meet new friends through the process, and whether or not you get a callback, we truly enjoy seeing everyone who comes out to audition. In the Bubs, we like to say that our #1 priority in the audition is to make the process as fun and comfortable as possible, so that we can see everyone at their best. My biggest advice to any freshman is to try everything this school has to offer to find your community! The a cappella community is something that I found and love at Tufts.  

When are Bubs auditions?

2017 auditions for the Bubs are on Tuesday the 5th and Wednesday the 6th of September, with callbacks on the 7th.

What should I prepare for my audition?

We have auditionees prepare any solo of their choosing for their audition. Then we will have you run through some exercises prepared to test your voice a little more!

What song should I sing for my audition?

Your song should be:

  • something you know very well
  • something that demonstrates your range while not being out of your range
  • something you just love singing

Please prepare at least a verse and a chorus! No accompaniment :)

What are callbacks and what do they entail?

Every group does callbacks differently - my advice is always to audition and worry about callbacks when you get them!

Other tips?

We want to see you at your best, so make sure you warm up as best you can before your audition and drink plenty of water!

Any other questions?

Send an email to (my email) and ask away.

Where can i see you this week?

We will be singing and hanging out all over campus this week!

Some of our major events are:

  • Netflix and Chill with the Bubs and Jills (see our Facebook page for more info)

  • O-Show

  • Dorm Sings 

For more info on where we will be and when, be sure to follow us on Snapchat and Instagram (@tuftsbubs), and like us on Facebook (Tufts University Beelzebubs)!