Tufts UniversitY Beelzebubs



30+ CARA Nominations

Second Place in NBC's The Sing Off

Two Time “Best Male Group in the Nation”

Seven selections featured on BOCA

Three selections chosen for AACI’s Sing!

Four selections on Voices On


The Tufts Beelzebubs, Tufts University’s Oldest All-Male A Cappella Group, started backstage at the 1963 Tufts Winter Sing. Since this fortuitous start, the Bubs have been at the forefront of contemporary a cappella. Through the years Bubs have helped audience to relish in the incredible power of music, from Boston to Buenos Aires, from preschoolers to Presidents. In 2008 the Beelzeubs were lucky enough to compete and place second in NBC’s The Sing Off. After this initial breakout opportunity they were contacted to provide the voices to the prep group, the Warblers, on Fox’s Glee. Through all of this however, the Bubs have always kept one goal: “Fun Through Song”!

REcent Discography

The energy and musicality of a Bubs performance provides the perfect entertainment for any engagement, from private parties to corporate events. Our Business Manager will work with you to piece together a unique set, tailor made to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a lively, upbeat repertoire to entertain friends or a diverse set of songs sure to please clients and guests, you can be sure that we’ll put on an unforgettable show.

"The group's appeal is their ability of pulling together interesting vocal arrangements that other groups can't even do."

 - Stacy Lambey VH1.com

“The Beelzebubs are arguably the most consistently excellent a cappella group in the collegiate domain, and Helix lives up to the group's historical track record.”

 - Catherine Lewis The Recorded Cappella Review Board


"After four years in the Bubs, I said, 'I want everyone to have the amazing experiences I've had: the connections with others, the experiences, the groundbreaking harmony.' My life's work, to spread harmony through harmony, grew directly out of my days singing and directing the group. I joke that I didn't go to Tufts University, I went to Beelzebubs University"

Deke Sharon Pitch Perfect, The Sing Off, CASA, The House Jacks



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