Our Latest Release: Reboot (2017)

To us, Reboot signifies positive steps in introspection, creativity, and collaboration. This release is truly a proud moment for the Bubs and represents two years of hard work. Traditionally, the Bubs have released an album in alternating years, but this year we made a very conscious effort to slow down the process. Our goal was to be introspective and focused on our arrangements to create meaningful and intentional parts for people to sing. Through this, we hoped to deliver the emotions of the songs that meant most to us. We also made sure that Reboot was incredibly collaborative.  The entire group spent hours working with our engineers to create an EP that is “all hands on deck”. Every Bub contributed to their own piece to Reboot, and it’s that collaboration of creativity that makes this release special. The songs we chose are meant to bring the listener on a journey, and we hope you enjoy listening to it just as much as we enjoyed making it.