Our Alumni

Ever since the first few Bubs graduated, alumni have been a huge part in the lives of the current group.  Whether they are writing arrangements, coming to home shows, or giving us a place to stay when we travel, our alumni go out of their way to support the current group.  



What our alumni mean to us

Our alumni mean constant support, excitement, and fun.  Whether they are coming to a show, grabbing quick meals with us, or sitting in on a rehearsal, the alumni of this group constantly elevate our overall experience.  Our alumni remind us that being in the Bubs does not end after college; that to be a brother is forever, and that your love for the group exists well after college.  


Alumni Events

Luckily, we have plenty of opportunities to see our alumni.  Each event we have brings out different alumni, and for that we are extremely grateful.  We see alumni at shows, our annual football event, yearly dinners, and our most coveted events: reunions.  Reunions are the creme de la creme of alumni events.  Every 5 years, alumni fly out to meet with the current group.  There, we sing, catchup, and learn about other people's experience.  The group will actually be celebrating its 55 year reunion in the spring of 2018.  



Alumni and History

As you can imagine, after nearly 55 years, the group has a lot of history.  In the Bubs, we celebrate all of that.  55 years has churned out hundreds of songs, brothers, and stories.  All of this information is extremely dear to the group.  So dear in fact, it is tradition that every Bubs knows his fair share of alumni names and years of graduation, as well as "the facts" of many of our recorded albums.  Facts like these, augmented with amazing stories from different decades, make up the history that every Bub knows and loves.  

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50th Reunion Concert Videos