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Tufts University Beelzebubs

Tufts' Oldest male-identifying A cappella Group


As Tufts University’s oldest male-identifying a cappella group, the Beelzebubs have always been at the forefront of contemporary a cappella. From Boston to Buenos Aires, the Bubs bring music to life. Whether performing as a 1960's eight-man barbershop group or as the voices of the Warblers on Fox's Glee, the Bubs have been bringing our motto of “Fun Through Song” to the world since 1963.


"After four years in the Bubs, I said, 'I want everyone to have the amazing experiences I've had: the connections with others, the experiences, the groundbreaking harmony.' My life's work, to spread harmony through harmony, grew directly out of my days singing and directing the group. I joke that I didn't go to Tufts University, I went to Beelzebubs University"

Deke Sharon (Pitch Perfect, The Sing Off, CASA, The House Jacks)

Runner Up on NBC's "The Sing Off"

The voices of The Warblers on GLEE

30+ CARA Nominations

Two Time “Best Male Group in the Nation”

Eleven selections featured on BOCA

Four selections on Voices Only


Fun Through Song Since 1963


Who Are The Bubs?

Friends, Sons, Brothers, Settlers of Catan, Business Owners, Comedians (... eh, not really), there's a lot of variety in this rag-tag bunch of singers!

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The alumni of this group are what make it truly special - they shaped the Bubs into what it is today. With over 300 members, the Beelzebub Alumni Association is extremely active in helping the current group and ensuring that Bubs from every generation are connected. 


More than anything, the Beelzebubs value bringing music and fulfillment to everyone. To achieve this goal, the Bubs along with a passionate group of alumni began the Bubs Foundation and the Be the Music Program. The Bubs Foundation is an organization that aims to bring music education to communities in Boston where music education is underfunded. Be the Music is a program where Bubs and alumni join in harmony with these students, exposing them to the rich world of contemporary a cappella.

Our Latest Album: In The Book (2015)

From the fabled Winter Sing of 1962 on through to this very moment, the Beelzebubs have been constantly charging forward. Our journey has led us far and wide, toward spectacular adventures, triumphant shenanigans, and many moments of wonder. Yet, with all that we've had the great fortune to see and experience, we can never forget that the path tread is one that was laid by over half a century of brothers who came before ourselves. We strive to balance innovation with tradition, devoting ourselves to progress as we celebrate our storied past.

It is with these thoughts in mind that we bring you the next chapter in the Beelzebub narrative: In The Book. From the history books we create each year to the songbooks that hold our music, there is always bounty of past wisdom that helps the current group move forward and make its mark on the Beelzebub continuum. With two more years now "in the books," we are proud to share this piece of history with you. 


The Tufts Beelzebubs have been honored to perform for incredible audiences, from Presidents to preschoolers, for over 50 years.

Let the Bubs make our motto of "Fun Through Song" come true at your next wedding, school event or concert.